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Active Life Bath and Body Oil - Clarity Blend


Introducing Active Life Bath and Body Oil Blend! Feel invigorated and soothed with the help of eucalyptus, peppermint, and grapefruit oils, plus the addition of arnica flower extract for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Get the much-needed relief you seek with this natural and powerful blend!

Active Life  contains 5 essential oils blended harmoniously to uplift your energy and vitality:

Peppermint initially feels cooling and refreshing and then it gently warms the skin. It helps to clear the head leaving us feeling fresher, revived and awake.  
Eucalyptus is the star ingredient of this blend. Its refreshing undertone helps to clear the head for easy breathing and bringing instant uplifting and lightness.  
Black pepper warming and spicy, Black Pepper gives the body a natural boost. 
Juniper berry has a distinctive crisp scented oil that stimulates and strengthens the nerves.  
Grapefruit a proud member of the citrus family, grapefruit essential oil is zesty and uplifting bringing a high-top note to the blend. 

Clarity Blend body oils are formulated with a combination of plant oils:

Almond Oil is light, vitamin-rich oil which is suitable for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin. It helps soothe dry, irritated skin and prevents moisture loss.  Jojoba oil contains minerals vital for the protection and nourishing of the collagen. Readily absorbed, it is an excellent carrier for essential oils.     
Vitamin E neutralises the effects of free radicals to help prevent damage caused by everyday pollution and UV rays.