+ 1 White Sage from California, 100% ethically sourced (approx. 11cm long)
+ 1 Californian Desert Sage (approx. 11cm)
+ 1 Cedar Smudge (approx. 11cm long)
+ 1 Dried Lavender smudge (approx. 11cm long)
+ Handmade Himalayan incense ropes (made from plants)
+ 1 handmade clay shell charm
+ 1 Recycled Box / FSC certified (152x115x50 mm)

Smudging is a ceremony tied to many indigenous cultures for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place.

WHITE SAGE has a purification effect and its cleansing can help clear any negative energy. This white sage has been gathered and collected by Native Americans in the state of California.

DESERT SAGE is used for purifying and protection.

CEDAR is traditionally used to purify a home or apartment. The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract good energy and remove negative energy. Cedar is a very slow burning and also perfect for full smudge rituals.

Smudging LAVENDER is used for inducing a state of calm and deep rest. Lavender is a good smudge for right before bedtime.

Himalayan Cedar ropes are handmade. The cedar has been extracted from the wood of Cedar tree, which is found in the Himalayan Regions of Nepal.

Comes with a handmade clay shell charm and with burning instructions.