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6 Reasons to Use a Diffuser in your Home

6 Reasons to Use an Aroma Oil Diffuser

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An essential oil diffuser disperses essential oils and fragrance oils into the air with a fine mist and fills the area with a natural fragrance. There are many benefits to using with essential oils:-

1.Relaxation and Sleep: If you need to relax after long day at work essential oils are well know for their ability to help you unwind. Use in the evening whilst watching tv in readiness for bed or place on your bedside table to detox the mind for a better nights sleep.

Our diffusers have an automatic cut out when the water runs out. Try with our De-Stress or Relaxing Oil Blends.

2. Help Concentration: Using essential oils in a diffuser is a highly-effective way to help concentration, they can soothe you when stressed and energise when in need of a pick me ups By levelling out your mood, the oils in the air will help you to focus so a diffuser in your home office or work space will really help create a calm, uplifting space to boost creativity and productivity. Try with our Inspiration Essential Oil Blend.

 3. Mood Boosting: Diffusers can also be used to improve our mood and energise is for the day ahead. Great for getting you going on a slow morning. Use to help set a positive atmosphere for parties and get togethers. Try with our Revitalise Purity Essential Oil Blend

4. Help Ward Off Illness Many essential oils are powerfully anti-microbial and when introduced into the air in vapour form, the organic compounds within the oils come into direct contact with airborne pathogens before they can invade your body. Having a diffuser in your home or office is a great way to keep illnesses at bay. Recommended Oils tea tree, sage, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, thyme. 

5. Aid to Breathing and Congestion Essential oils are great for reducing inflammation and congestion in clogged airways to help you breathe more easily. Our diffusers also double as humidifiers which will help to keep your airways moist If you are prone to allergies or other breathing disorders, try diffusing essential oils in the room (or rooms) of your home where you spend the most time. Try our Breathe Well Essential Oil

6. Finally, As a Room Scent: Finally Diffusers can be used with Fragrance Oils too which will fill your space with the most beautiful aromas of your choice, try our Diffuser Oil Blends Serenity, Amber Sakura, Moroccan Rose, White Nectarine, Fig and Cassis and Sea Mist aromas.

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