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Wooden Painted Flower Press


Preserve Nature’s Beauty with Our Premium Flower Press – The Perfect Gift for Nature Lovers and Craft Enthusiasts.  Capture and preserve the delicate beauty of flowers and leaves with our Premium Flower Press. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, crafters, and hobbyists, this flower press is designed to help you create stunning, long-lasting botanical art. Whether you’re making personalized gifts, crafting unique decor, or simply cherishing the beauty of your garden, our flower press is the perfect tool for the job.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Construction: Made from durable, eco-friendly wood, our flower press is built to last, providing consistent pressure for perfect pressing every time.
  • Complete Kit: Includes all necessary components—press boards, blotting paper, and adjustable straps—making it easy for both beginners and experienced crafters.
  • Easy to Use: Simple assembly and clear instructions ensure a hassle-free pressing process, allowing you to focus on your creativity.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for making framed art, greeting cards, bookmarks, scrapbooking, and more, offering endless crafting possibilities.

Measures 15 x 15cm

Made in the UK by small batch producer Studio Wald. Who plant one tree planted for every order.