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Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Mini Gift Box


A mini parcel of joy! A pack of delicious hot chocolate with a marshmallow topping, presented in a gift box. A lovely gift for a friend or family member who needs some TLC, or pair with one of our gorgeous Well being gifts or books for an extra delight.. Deliciously sweet and smooth its like a Hug in a Box See more here 

 Small batch made in the UK using ethically sourced cocoa beans. It's real chocolate making it creamier, richer and more luxurious drinks than those made with cocoa powder.

Whats included:

x1 Hot Chocolate Flakes 30g (for 1 Cup) 

x1 Packet of Mini Marshmallows 

Our chocolates all contain soya. All of the milk and white chocolates contain dairy; the dark chocolates do not have dairy added, but they do all bare a milk warning. We do not use nuts or eggs on site.