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Sleep Well Wellness Gift Box


A  wonderful gift for those of us who are struggling to sleep due to the stresses and strains of life. Create a bedtime ritual with these beautiful products. Start your ritual in the evening with the Lavender Candle or Essential Oil in a burner. Take a relaxing bath with the Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salts and Soap and then use the Body Oil to rub gently into your skin of and relax into a restful sleep.

All products are natural organic and free from parabens, sulphates or harsh chemicals or colours. Made in the UK.


  • Lavender Essential Oil range,   
  • Lavender Soap (organic Base) 100g in Box 
  • Lavender Essential Oil 10ml 
  • Lavender Soy Wax 9cl Candle
  • Lavender Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak 300g Glass Jar
  • Lavender (essential oils in a wheatgerm and grapeseed base) Body Oil 30ml Dropper Bottle